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CSIRT for secured network
NetSecurity Cluster
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Activities and Results

The FIRE consortium will have the following activities:

  1. Identify (IT Security) Industry Needs and Research Activities and End-user Needs
    1. Identify IT Security Industry roadmaps and research challenges
    2. Identify IT Security Industry research groups and activities
    3. Identify IT security challenges faced by Trustworthy ICT users
    4. Obtain Industry needs to inform the development of cluster research strategies
  2. Develop Pan-EU ICT Security Cluster Research Network and Strategy
    1. Data collection using Cluster Steering Committees
    2. Cluster Research Analysis
    3. Analyse trans-Cluster complementarities and gaps
    4. Build joint inventory/ database
  3. Co-ordinate National RTD activities
    1. Exchange information on National and EU RTD programmes and activities in Major ICT Security Clusters and the MS they represent to identify synergies and topics for potential pan Cluster RTD collaboration
    2. Stimulate RTD collaboration between clusters in topics/ themes of strategic importance
    3. Analyse cluster strategies and identify common challenges/ barriers (technology/ economic/ social/ legal) to achieving cluster goals
    4. Develop common cluster strategy/ research agenda/ roadmaps to address common challenges and common strategic goals
    5. Recommend joint programmes for information exchange to identify, promote and share best practices
    6. Recommend topics/ themes and objectives for pan-Cluster working groups in areas of common strategic importance
    7. Improve Industry Innovation
      1. Identify common barriers and best practices to achieve pull-through
        1. Funding bodies present opportunities
        2. Investors present opportunities
        3. Run themed dissemination events (in clusters) to make businesses aware of promising opportunities from innovative ICT developments across the major ICT security clusters
        4. Recommendations to improve pull through and hence industrial competitiveness for policy makers, funding agencies and clusters/ other networks
  4. Support Policy strategy to address Societal Concerns
    1. Help improve existing EU policy making (studies, RTD, implementation measures, pilots) and help societal impact of ICT
    2. Develop networking and awareness raising events (and circulate briefing material) across clusters, to support businesses, IT security industry and research organizations to jointly tackle societal concerns

FIRE will be able to offer similar insights to the IT Security Industry, and to platforms building IT Security Research agendas and other international clusters and associations.