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Key Partner Associations and Associated Clusters

The Key Partners are IT Security Associations in Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Spain and UK, and represent:

  • World-class research institutes and universities, e.g. Fraunhofer Institutes, AIT, KU Leuven, Queen's University of Belfast, CNRS, Universidad de Málaga
  • Global and European industrial members, e.g. SAP, HP, EMC/RSA, IBM, McAfee, Symantec, Checkpoint, Panda, Indra, Sophos, Vasco Data Security, etc.
  • Government agencies, end-users and funding bodies, e.g. UK Home Office, INTECO, BSI, …
  • SMEs (over 1000)
  • Legal and privacy experts
  • Technical experts who are driving national and European research agendas, e.g. Bart Preneel (LSEC/KU Leuven) who is a Board Member of RISEPTIS, Dr. Norbert Pohlman (TeleTrusT/University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen) who has been a member of the permanent stakeholder group of ENISA for many years.

The Partners will facilitate engagement with the FIRE project in two ways:

  • They provide a regional focus for organisations in their own Member States
  • They are providing leadership and facilitation in the pan-European business Sectors identified by the FIRE project as described below.


European Cluster Partners – Non Project Partners

A cluster is an independent association - a specific legal entity – or a group of companies and research organizations who have set joint objectives for their specific regional group they represent. Usually they consist of companies with products or services, research organizations and public authorities, typically with the addition of end users and user communities. They focus on a specific topic, in this case information security.

The participating clusters (Key Partners) have already a history in working together in different projects and organizing joint activities (support to member SMEs, exchange of expertise, joint projects, organizing events and conferences, joint promotion, ….). In most cases the Key Partners have also working relations with other clusters in the same countries or other countries.

These clusters include, but are not limited to: France (Pôle TES, Systematic, ISACA, ….), Luxembourg, Netherlands (Platform Informatiebeveiliging, TNO, …), UK (Intellect, Digital Systems KTN Cybersecurity, …), Belgium (B-CCENTRE, ISSA, ISACA, ….), Spain (Cluster Seguridad, …,) Germany (IOT, …), Italy, …. The Key Partners are also open to collaborate with other clusters and similar organizations in order to exchange information, expertise and to jointly develop a common research agenda and future information security research strategy.



(Sector lead in Health)

AMETIC is the new Spanish association for electronics, information technologies, telecommunications, and digital content. AMETIC is composed of over 5.000 associated enterprises and numbers 350.000 employees in its totality, representing an economic activity surrounding the 7% mark of Spain’s GNP.

AMETIC is born from the fusion of AETIC and Asimelec, effective January 1st, 2011. AMETIC has a wide-reaching experience in creating sectorial stakeholder networks and in fostering cooperation between them, most notably through the work of the ICT platform eSEC in the fields of Trustworthy ICT.

eSEC is the Spanish Technology Platform for security, trust and dependability. It gathers stakeholders, end-users, associations, public administrations, industry and researchers, intending to promote effective and market oriented R&D. It is composed by more than 260 entities and more than 400 experts in Spain.


LSEC - Leaders In Security vzw (BE)
(Sector lead in Mobile Communications)

LSEC is a Flanders - Belgian based not-for-profit association, a cluster focused on promoting the e-Security and Information Security expertise of the Flanders region. Over 100 companies and research organizations are a directly involved as domain experts, represented by over 750 expert individuals only in Belgium. The association involves over 3500 enterprises and governments in Information Security related activities, such as Cyber security, Mobile security and Cloud and Virtualization security. Expert members include: academic institutions, research organizations, product and services companies, consulting companies, systems integrators and others associated to Security and Information Security. Main activities consist out of international promotion, business development, project coordination, awareness creation, dissemination, innovation development, market support, project development and supporting the information security expert region.

LSEC is a founding member of the European Security Innovation Network. Its diverse group of members are...

IFIS - TeleTrusT (D)

IFIS Institute fur Internet Sicherheit and TeleTrusT (D)
(Sector lead in Energy, with NSMC in the Czech Republic)

The Institute for Internet Security (Institut für Internet-Sicherheit, IFIS) is a department of the Faculty of Computer Sciences at Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences, focusing on cyber security. IFIS represents one of the most considerable competencies for Internet Security in Germany. Research and development is application oriented and designed to take advantage of the latest scientific findings to promote education and to create innovative, marketable products, partnerships and services. As a regional branch of TeleTrusT association (TTT Gelsenkirchen, non-profit association promoting the trustworthiness of ICT representing industry, research and public institutions), IFIS provides a direct connection to government and industry, supporting communication and networking for the benefit of all stakeholders. This corresponds to the idea to go beyond research and to improve cooperation between the public and private sector. Current activities include early warning systems, mobile security, identity management, trusted computing and network-based malware analysis....


(Sector lead in Finance)

ADS Group Limited is a trade organisation supporting civil aviation, space, defence and security industries. ADS has over 120 full time employees with offices in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, France and India with new offices planned in China and the Middle East. ADS was formed from the merger of the Association of Police and Public Security Suppliers, the Defence Manufacturers Association and the Society of British Aerospace Companies in October 2009. ADS is in the process of incorporating Security Innovation and Technology (SITC) Ltd as an ADS special interest group, bringing its 560 members and distinctive focus on innovation and high technology security solutions into ADS. Together with its regional partners, ADS represents over 2,600 companies. ADS monitors international market opportunities and is active in organising international trade missions for its members. It arranges around 20 overseas missions each year, targeting market opportunities throughout the world. ADS has also extensive experience of arranging events, seminars and briefings, ranging in scale from the Farnborough International Airshow to industry briefings to Government. In...

CYBER - Cybernetica (EE)

CYBER - Cybernetica (EE)
(Sector lead in Government)

Cybernetica is a private research and development company, original equipment manufacturer and solutions provider active in the field of ICT. The main activity areas are information security systems and services, large-scale information systems, and marine navigation systems. Cybernetica is functioning as a computer security competence centre, working in close cooperation with Estonian Information System’s Authority, CERT Estonia, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection department and with other security-related governmental agencies, with Estonian Society of IS auditors, and also with local universities. Cybernetica has been involved in numerous nation-wide security-critical projects, like Estonia's nation-wide ID card with PKI support, development of digital signature solutions, development and deployment of secure information exchange layer for governmental databases and information systems, custom information systems and border security systems..